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Creating account#

You can navigate to the sign page by visiting or directly at, however when you go through the login in page can choose between setting up a sandbox account or a live production account. On the account creation wizard, provide all the requested information. Once you have provided all your information you can click the "create account" button to complete the signup process. If you provided all the required information you'll see a green success alert at the bottom of your screen and then directed to link your Square.

To link your Square on the OAuth Page, click "connect" at the bottom right. From there you will be directed to Square's OAuth service which allows to connect your Square with Craspa. Here you will see all the permission you will be giving us access to, if you have any questions about why you need certain permissions you can contact our support team for more info. In compliance with Square's Terms, we do not request any permissions that we do not actively or regular use when operating your Craspa service's. If you're ready to allow us permission, click the allow button at the bottom of the OAuth page.

Create a Location#

Now that you've created an account and linked your Square, it's time to create a location. A location is a central component of Square and Craspa, you'll use a location to devise orders, menus, rewards, and more.

To create a location click the Company tab on your sidebar and click locations, your sidebar is how you'll navigate through your Craspa Admin. You'll see a blank page because you haven't imported any locations, import your first location by clicking the import location button at the top right of the page. A module will appear prompting you to import location, the reason you import locations and not create is so that we can link all your data with Square and you'll be able to view all your locations data in Square also. Follow the prompt to import a location, all fields are required. Click the locations select to view all your locations in the Square account, select the location you wish to import. After importing your location, you'll view it by clicking on the 3 dots button on the location item and clicking view.

To understand more about how locations work and how to use locations, view the location section of the documentation.

Create a rank#

A big part of OAL is loyalty, you'll want to use loyalty to help increase customer retention by “gamifying” the ordering experience. As of now the type of loyalty is limited to ranks, however, in the future, we'll allow a more flexible loyalty program that fits your brand the best. Ranks are determined by points and points earned are determined by the customer's ranks. You control how many points each rank gets and how many ranks there are. Points are not spendable or redeemable, they're used to track a customer's spending and which rank they should be in. For more information about how ranks work, view the loyalty section of the documentation.

Navigate to the loyalty tab in your sidebar and click to expand the loyalty tab, click manage loyalty to view all your ranks. By default, each account is given a default rank with the name default with a minimum point of zero. You can change name, color, points per dollar of the default rank however it can not be deleted or have its minimum points changed. Create a new rank by clicking the create new rank at the top of the page, a module will appear prompting to enter the new rank details. Click the create rank button to view the new rank in your rank list.

Create A Discount#

After creating a rank, you'll want to reward your customers. A discount object can be confusing at first, however, it is easier than it sounds. A discount object has 3 parts, discounted items, required items, and discount details. Discounted items are items that discount applies to, discounted items are optional. Required items are the same as discounted items however priced at full price and not discounted. Discount details determine how much an item or cart should be discounted, and if a cart minimum is required.

To create a new discount, go to the loyalty tab on the navigation bar, and select rewards. In the top-right of the admin, select the Create New Discount button and a popup will appear. You will be asked to provide a name for the discount, the percent or amount of money that is being discounted off an item, the minimum amount of items in a cart that is required to use the discount, the tax basis, and what the discount rule type is. Once you’re done, click save changes to finish. View how the discount works to understand what each field means.

On the discount detail page on the right-hand side, you'll see a module for required and discounted items, this will list all existing required and discounted items in their respective modules. To add a required/discounted item, you click either add button on both modules, a new module will appear prompting you to create an item. To determine if this is a required/discounted item you'll set the item type. Next, you'll indicate if the item is an item or category and then proceed to select the desired item that's in your Square account.

Create A Menu#

You're halfway through the Walkthrough, now you'll create a menu but first, you'll need categories. You should already have some categories in your Square account, these will be used to create a category in your admin.

Navigate to the menu tab on the sidebar and click categories. Here you'll see all your categories, click create category at the top of the admin and a module will appear. You'll use this module to create a category, enter in a name and select which category this newly created object will belong to, then click create. After successfully creating a category, you'll be directed to select an icon. The icon will be presented on your OAL app with associated categories.

Now you create a menu, navigate to the menus sub-tab under the Menu tab in the sidebar and click the create menu button. A dropdown will appear, give your menu a name, select if you want it active, and then click create.

You'll be directed to the menus detail, from here you'll be able to set the location allowed to access the menu, set specials, categories, and highlighted items. First, we'll start by setting the location, click the location box to get a dropdown of all your locations. Select the locations you want access to the menu by clicking on the location item, this will add the location to the menu, then click save changes to confirm the change. Next, we'll set categories, categories are set the same way you set locations, select the category we previously made, and save changes.

Now you'll create a special, by clicking add on the special box. A module will appear prompting you to create a slogan for the special, choose an expiration date for the special, upload an image, and select the discount for the special. The discount isn’t an indication of a reward or discounted object, you can manipulate a discount to have your customer purchase a certain set of items with no discount. Reference how discounts work for more information.

Lastly, create a highlighted item. Click the add button, a dropdown will appear, provide the item name, description, an image of the item, then choose the item from the dropdown item list linked to your square items, then choose a variation of that item. Your highlighted item image is required but doesn't have to be of the item, you can use any image that may entice your customers. The item name and description will be displayed to the user on the app and explicit to Craspa, however, items selected from a category list will be the name associated with Square object. Once you're done click create item, once the item is created you can view all highlighted items for the menu you can edit the item by clicking the three dots and clicking edit or you can delete the item. Now you have your menu completed, you’ll now be able to add it to a date menu or a day schedule.

How To Set Menus For The Day#

To manage the menu for the day, select the "edit day menu" button on the day you want to adjust, from there a prompt will be shown prompting you to add a menu along with showing the existing menus.

To add a menu you will click the menu selection on the bottom box, there a list of menus allowed for the selected location will appear, then add a start time for the menu. When you are ready to add the menu, click add menu with time. You can not create a menu that clashes with an existing menu start time for that day.

Upload Your App Icon#

Upload your assets, such as logos, to your admin. We create a customized theme for OAL based on your assets and its colors, texture, and style.

You can set your app icon, by selecting the upload asset at the top of the asset page in the admin. There a module will appear, you'll use the same module to upload app assets and your app icon. However, to make sure you're uploading the right asset to the right place you'll select what kind of asset you want to upload. Select the app icon for the asset type, then click the upload button and upload your app icon. Reading the warning at the top of the module, you'll see that your app icon has to be a 1024px by 1024px png, uploading any other content outside those limits for the app icon will raise an error, preventing you from uploading the image.

Uploading Your App Assets#

To upload an asset that'll be used for creating your OAL, click the upload asset button at the top of the asset page in the admin. There a module will appear, click on asset type select to change the asset type to "app asset". Then click on the upload to upload your asset. You can only upload a png with no max of 3500px by 3500px. Once you've uploaded your asset, it appears on your app asset slider on the asset page.

Create An App#

Navigate to the Order Ahead + Loyalty tab in the sidebar, select “Create New OA+L'' in the top right corner to get started with building your app, where you'll be directed to the app wizard. You'll create your app within under 10 steps using the app wizard.

The first screen on the app wizard will ask you to select which template you would like to use for your app, once you have selected a template, the next screen will ask you to choose an onboarding screen design that will help the customer understand how the app works.

These screens are used when a new user signs up and may need information about what your app offers. We provide you with 3 default onboarding screens that provide a basic understanding of the app. You optionally can provide your message and add 2 extra onboard screens. You will choose a color scheme, create a header text, and write a subtext for each onboarding screen you wish to have. Once you have created all your onboarding screens, you will then be directed to the screen where you will select tab icons for your app. Once you are finished, click submit to finish the process.

Request App#

To request your app to be created, go to your asset page and select request app update. This will alert us that you want your app made and have set and provided all the required information.

You'll receive a confirmation email about your request, we'll then work on making your OAL app and send you an email once it's ready and will also send an invite to the emails on your invite list. Once you're ready to have your app live, contact our support team and we'll make your app live.