How To Create A Location#

To create a location navigate to the location tab underneath the company there you will see existing locations and be able to import a new one.


To import a location you'll have to have an existing location in your square account, from there, click import location to import the existing location. A module will appear where you can choose a name which will be presented anywhere the location is displayed for example on your app when your customer chooses a location this name will show as the location.



Then select a location and the dropdown will show all your existing locations, each location must be unique, you cannot import the same location twice. You will then select a sales tax which is created in your square account, you can change this tax at any time.

Then select a timezone relevant to where your location is so that your customers can order and view menus at the expected time. Your timezone can be changed at any time, then select if the location is active or not.

A location "active" is used to determine if that location should be shown to your customers on your app. When inactive it will not be shown to your customer on your app.

To complete creating a location you will choose an image of your choice. This image is to show the user what the location looks like so that they can select the right location, the address will also be displayed. The address is automatically taken from your square account. From there you will click create the location and the location will be imported.