How Loyalty Works#

Loyalty in a OAL app is currently limited to having a rank based system. With this approach you encourage your customers to either spend more or spend more often with berating them with ads or making an unenjoyable app experience. You don’t have to reward customers for being higher ranks or any ranks, however that is for you to communicate with your customers and not suggestible if looking to increase customer retention. Ranks are set by you, each rank you create has a minimum points this is used to determine if a customer qualifies for rank.

For example if you have 3 ranks with the following minimums, 0, 100, 500 your customer with 450 points will be of the second rank as that is the rank with closest minimum points lower than your customer current points. You’ll also setup how many points a customer gets based on their rank. This hows you reward customers who spend more and are in a higher to level up faster due to their higher spending. For example: if the points per dollar is 5, your customer would get 50 Points for a $10 order, 40 Points for a $8 order and 15 Points for a $3.57. Ranks don’t provide rewards on their own as the owner you’ll rewards customers based on their rank. You can think of ranks a grouping for customers based on their spending.

Every Craspa account comes with a default rank with minimum points of 0, so that all newly joined customers have a beginning rank.