How Menus Work#

Menus are a collection of categories, specials, and highlighted items. Categories in a menu are Craspa category objects tied to a Square category. You’ll use a menu to display to your customer in your OAL app what items are available for order that day. A menu is required to have a category and special, to make your OAL app look presentable. You don’t necessarily have to offer a discount in special, you’re to create a combo or market a new product. Specials are like a banner ad for your app. You’ll is highlighted items to push items you may want to sell fast. Lastly, categories are used the same way you use them in squares. A menu is a base object the way you we determine which menu to show you is by using a menu with a time feature on a day schedule or date menu. This links a menu to time and day so that you the flexibility of reusing the same menu for multiple days and locations.