How To Create An App#

To create an app, click the apps tab on the side bar, then select Order Ahead + Loyalty. Here you'll see all your created apps and view each of details by selecting the apps preview. For reference when your OAL is created or requested for an updated the latest app that was created is the app that will be used. A app can not be deleted and the "latest" app that is used, is the latest app made up to 24 hours after the create/update request. It's best to not create an app after making a create/update request until receiving the app. For question clarify the app used, please contact support directly.

Select “Create New OA+L” in the top right corner to get started with building your app, where you'll be directed to the app wizard. You'll create your app within under 10 steps using the app wizard. The first screen on the app wizard, will ask you to select which template you would like to use for your app, once you have selected a template, the next screen will ask you to choose an onboarding screen design that will help the customer understand how the app works. These screens are used to when a new users signs up and may need information about what your app offers. We provide you with 3 default onboarding screens, that provides a basic understanding of the app. You optionally provide your message and add 2 extra onboard screens. You will choose a color scheme, create a header text, and write a subtext for each onboarding screen you wish to have. Once you have created all your onboarding screens, you will then be directed to the screen where you will select tab icons for your app. Once you are finished, click submit to finish the process.