How OAL Works#

OAL, Order Ahead + Loyalty, is a free dedicated order ahead pickup app for your restaurant business. If you're familiar with accepting orders and running parts of your restaurant on an online store, you'll find that having an app is a better, more convenient, and more effective way of digital ordering. Having an OAL allows you to always be a touch away for customers, along with a growing list of features that can really take your restaurant to another level. Also with an OAL app you can ditch costly and ineffective email marketing and no cost use push notifications.

OAL is perfect for multiple locations, so your customers can order anywhere and keep their data in one place. To get an OAL, you'll need a Square and Craspa account. From there you'll be able to create your own app in less than 7 minutes. There's no need to design or worry about the inner details of the app, we know not everyone is a designer, but would still want a modern and stylish app for your brand. Simply choose a template, onboarding screen, and icons and your set, we'll take it from there and create your app and send you a private version. The reason we use templates is because we want every restaurant to have access to OAL and realized that most restaurants have the same needs. So there isn't a need to recreate a whole new app for every restaurant and doing it cost effectively. This also allows us to offer OAL for free. The way we make your app unique to your brand is by branding your logos and using a generated color scheme for the OAL that matches your brand's color. Along with having the option to select different icons and using your own pictures.

Each restaurant brand gets their own app, Craspa and OAL isn't a marketplace like other delivery and review apps/sites. You're in control of your app, you're able to control your customers and all the things that show on the app. We want you to build your own customer ecosystem and not boost other sites thus putting your restaurant in a vulnerable position. Which is also why there's little to no Craspa branding on your app, when a customer opens an OAL app they're not opening an "App Powered By Craspa", they're opening Pete's Burgers App.

We also never charge for updates or fees for having an OAL app, we regularly update OAL apps to make sure they're running smoothly and looking modern. You don't have to worry about coding or patching anything with your OAL app, we handle all of that.

How does your OAL app go live? The way your OAL app goes live is by telling us you're ok with the latest OAL configuration, which was sent to you beforehand. Once you're ready, we'll publish your app under our developer account and send you a link to the app. Then you can either post the app store link to your respective platforms or your customers can search it, however there will be a delay in search for newly published apps. If at any time you no longer want to use our service, just contact us and we'll remove your app at no fee or charge.