How To Upload App Assets:#

To upload an app asset, click the apps tab on the side bar, then select the Assets option to get started. Here you'll see how all current app assets upload, if any uploaded. Your assets are used to create color scheme for your OAL along with setting settings for your OAL in the app store, such as the app name, app icon, app screenshots. This way you don't have to worry about your app not fitting your branding, simply upload your logos and we'll create color scheme from your logo.

App Icon#

You can set your app icon, by selecting upload asset at the top of the asset page in the admin. There a module will appear, you'll use the same module to upload app assets and your app icon. However to make sure your uploading the right asset to the right place, you'll select what kind of asset your uploading. Select app icon for asset type, then click the upload button and upload your app icon. Reading the warning at the top of module, you'll see that your app icon has to be a 1024px by 1024px png, uploading any other content outside those limits for the app icon will raise an error, preventing you from uploading the image.

App Asset#

To upload an asset that'll be used for creating your OAL, click the upload asset button at the top of asset page in the admin. There a module will appear, click on asset type select to change the asset type to "app asset". Then click on the upload to upload your asset. You can only upload a png with no max of 3500px by 3500px. Once you've uploaded your asset, it appear on your app asset slider on the asset page.