How Rewards Work#

Rewards are the child object of discounts and applied to a set of customers based on criteria. You should view rewards as issued rather than created, you issued a new reward to all gold rank customers or you issued a reward to all customers with a lifetime spending over $100. You can create multiple rewards from one discount. Rewards that are issued are single-use, meaning that you can give the customer the same reward twice and they'll have two chances to use the reward. Rewards come with a name, which will be displayed to the customer, and expiration for how the customer has to use the reward. If you provide a description of the discount the reward is made from, that description will be displayed and the same for all rewards from the discount. Each customer has their own reward list, when you issue a reward they'll be able to see the reward in their reward list and also receive a push notification alerting them of the new reward, if they agree to push notification. Your customer will know how to use the reward based on your OAL configurations. Only one reward/discounted special can be used per order.

Previously in the past, when you wanted to reward customers you would give the promo-code either in person or by email. The problem with promo-codes is that it's hard to track which customers used it, the customer's interest in the promo, re-using promo-codes, and etc. Along with their promo getting buried in their email box. Using an in-app reward list you can eliminate the need for promo-codes and give the reward directly to your customers

How Rewards Are Issued#

You'll issue rewards to your customers whenever you feel like it, you'll be given a dropdown allowing you to filter the customers who should receive the reward. You filter based on when they joined, how much they've spent, their rank, and more.


You also have the option to disable a reward if you don't want it to be shown to your customers. Also, rewards that are expired will not show in your customer's reward list. You should utilize rewards to increase your customer retention and view rewards as an exclusive deal to a customer and specials like a company-wide deal.