How It Works#

Craspa comes with a lot of features, however none of those features will work without Square. We use Square for every part of Craspa, so that you don't have to leave the platform you know and built your business around. Using Square also allows us to keep your data in sync will all events on Craspa with your Square Account. The way this is able to happen is with OAuth, OAuth gives us the ability to show your categories on your OAL app, accept and process orders with your payment, and create customers. You'll be able control what you give us access to and we don't make requests on behalf. All requests made with your OAuth token, is automated through actions on the admin made by you and your OAL app by your customers. Your OAuth is not publicly available and up to Square requirements.

We get your OAuth token by you allowing us access. We'll request you to allow us permission and you'll be directed to the Square OAuth page showing you all the permissions you're giving us access to. If you have a question about why we require a certain permission, you can contact our support team directly.