How To Link Square#

Linking your Square account is done during your signup process. You'll be directed to link your Square account when you log in if there is no associated Square linked to the company account.

Along with anytime you login and your Square account weren't automatically connected, with your permission, during the signup process you'll be directed to link your Square account to continue further with the Craspa Admin.

When you are requested to link the Square, you'll select the link square button on the “Square Connect” page. From there you'll be directed to Square's OAuth page, you must be logged into your Square account to link your account, else an error page on Square's end will appear if you are not logged in or redirected to login into your Square.

If you are already logged in, you will see a permission page that tells you all the permissions you'll be allowing us access to your behalf. If you agree, press the agree at the bottom page to link your Square. Once linked you'll be directed to the admin.